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IV Infrastructure developments I Social Developments When we say a country as a developed one, we must consider the social development. All living societies continually change in response to the emerging new demands and by the behavior of its members in their different statuses and role relationships.

With 1,55, post offices and over 5,66, employees, India has the largest postal network in the world. Each Thursday morning we prayed to Lakshmi, on Thursday evening we bowed our heads in front of Ganni Baba.

What a remarkable story of how the people and the government can work together to achieve what was once thought impossible. Television has made our political masters realize that their actions and inactions will be seen and judged by every citizen--from the forgotten villages of Assam to the activist villages of Kerala.

But in India, continuance of the Congress rule with no threat of its replacement gave rise to, what came to be known as one-party dominant system.

Development in India After Independence

We have made decent progress in several areas during the last 60 years. It is well known that the freedom movement in India generated Progress of india after independence essay awareness among women about their social right and their social responsibilities in the larger soc.

Developing India Since Independence

India is one of the four countries that refused to sign Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty on matter of principle.

However, the intolerance now being shown seems more widespread. But a better proper plan is very vital to develop such a brilliant economy. This Act has given more facilities to women. Now, industrial sector became as a vital one and there introduced specialist banks functioning for the development of Indian industry.

On the greatest achievements of Chadrayaan was the discovery of the widespread presence of water molecules in the lunar soil. There was a lot of bloodshed, looting, rape of women, and merciless killing of innocent people.

Developing India Since Independence

It appears that the status of women has gone high in India. Even the group of Marxists is divided into several parties. India have gone through several change over the years. We all curse British, but become eagerly excited, over-enthusiast ic when we get an opportunity to go abroad, like to the Big Apple.

According to this Act, taking or demanding dowry is an offence punishable by imprisonment and or fines. Before the arrival of colonialists, the education system existed in India was not modernized one. After the creation of Bangladesh, several Muslim families, which migrated from Bihar and other adjoining states to the Eastern wing of Pakistan, suffered from similar discrimination and marginalization.

But the new Constitution, which was adopted by the Constituent Assembly on 26 Novemberand came into force on 26 Januaryhas some new features, providing a sharp break with the British colonial past.

Now women will hold her property absolutely with full right to sell, mortgage, and dispose of as she desires. However the real position is that a large majority of women in the villages or women of low caste still suffers from injustice and inequalities. After a long and difficult freedom struggle, India attained her independence from British rule in It focused on exports; benchmarked with the best global companies; followed the finest principles of corporate governance; created the largest number of jobs in the organized sector; and demonstrated that Indians, too, could succeed in the most competitive global markets.After almost seven decades of Independence, India has emerged as the third largest producer of electricity in Asia.

It has increased its electricity generation capacity from 1, MW in to 1. Read this comprehensive essay about the changing status of women in India. The Gandhian era and the decades after independence have witnessed tremendous changes in.

India become the fourth country to reach Mars orbit, after the Soviet space program, NASA, and the European Space Agency. It is the first Asian nation to reach Mars orbit, and the first nation in.

Mar 17,  · After getting independence, the literacy rate of India in was constrained to %. It shows that the majority of the people were illiterate. After the country adopted different strategic steps as a part of five-year plans to promote the education in the lietuvosstumbrai.coms: The Struggle For Indian Independence History Essay.

Print Reference this. Disclaimer: was an Indian nationalist leader who became the first Prime Minister of India after independence. Nehru, often referred to as Panditji, was elected by the Indian National Congress to become India’s first independent Prime Minister in the yearand.

INDIA’S PROGRESS IN THE FIELD OF SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY A New Frontier The tradition of science and technology (S&T) in India is over 5, years old.

Essay on India After Independence

A renaissance was witnessed in the first half of the 20th century. The S&T infrastructure has grown up from about Rs. 10 million at the time of independence in to Rs.

30 billion.

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