Power crisis in pakistan and its possible solutions essay

However, presently it only generates mw of electricity against an installed capacity of mw. Causes of Energy Crisis: One important factor of lower GDP and inflation of commodity prices in recent years is attributed to shortfalls in energy supply.

Power Crisis in Pakistan Essay

Power generation by natural gas is about Rs6 KWh as compared to Rs After these countries, many other countries are also thinking to get electricity from wind.

Remaining issues in development of nuclear energy are enrichment of uranium from U to U, controlling chain reaction and dumping of solid waste. The past Government has never bother giving away their attention in solving the issues of electricity and this is the main reason that coming Government for the next five years is facing the huge sum of the electricity crisis as well.

Mobile companies have been asked by the government to shift supply of energy to their transmission towers from petroleum to solar energy panels. Energy crisis can be curtailed by: The result is, that their products are expenisve.

In this need of hour we would say that not just the houses but even the industries should try to make the less use of the electricity. About labourers have become unemployed. According to that situation of energy crises in Pakistan so will be reduced unnecessary electricity, gas, petroleum, coal.

Agricultural productivity of Pakistan is decreasing due to provision of energy for running tube wells, agricultural machinery and production of fertilizers and pesticides.

Consequently, its reserves are not sufficient to set up more power stations. Another reason is that the standard of living of most of our people has gone up.

The government and its responsible departments need to take firm action to control power theft and to improve the distribution system in general.

Otherwise economic conditions and other problems arising from power shortage would eventually result in major threat to our existence. Many countries have found wind energy a best substitute of electricity.

Declination in economic growth, lower agricultural productivity, unemployment and shackling industrial growth result in increasing poverty. Rapid population growth of 2. Extensive research and analysis of wind speeds, directions and corridors is important before investing in this sector.

Therefore it is necessary to curb this crime to avoid long term power shortages. Another major contributor can be tidal energy. Nearly all Industrial units are run with the energy and breakage in energy supply is having dire consequences on industrial growth.

Successive governments have never fully utilised resources and focused their energies on development. In order to cover every region, government has to initiate long distance transmission networks so increased financial burdens on power distribution companies and transmission losses due to haphazard distribution system are adding to our power woes.

Lack of proactive and integrated planning for production of energy 3. So, remedial measures on war-footings must be taken to cope with this giant problems. It is estimated that bythe demand will be exceeded further by Million barrels a day.

India is getting almost MW from these renewable resources. Out of major textile units about have been closed. We have time and again assessed the performance of the people responsible for the supply of power but they have refused to acknowledge that their system is rotten due to rampant corruption and inefficiency.Energy crisis in Pakistan complete essay words.

In present era of industrialization and technological advancement energy sector has Energy Crisis in Pakistan. Moreover politicization of projects of national interest like Kala Bagh Dam has further aggravated the power crisis.

Energy crisis in Pakistan is outcome of multidimensional.

Power Crisis in Pakistan and It’s Possible Solutions Essay Sample

Energy Crisis In Pakistan And Its Solutions Environmental Sciences Essay. Print Reference this. Published: 23rd March, BACKGROUND OF CRISIS FEARED IN PAKISTAN Power crisis feared by The experts say it could only be possible through a mega project of hydropower generation; otherwise the gap between firm supply and peak demand will.

Energy Crisis in Pakistan Causes and Consequences Essay a short essay that will cover major crisis of energy and solution that how to get rid of these crisis in Pak. But it is not possible to provide electricity for people twenty-four hours in a day.

Because energy crisis on its peak level in Pakistan. It is impossible for students to get. Power Crisis in Pakistan and It’s Possible Solutions Essay Sample. Pakistan is facing a big and serious energy crisis which is increasing with the passage of time and the government of Pakistan has remained fail to control this and fix this issue.

Pakistan Electric Power Crisis and its Possible Solutions Pakistan is in the grip of a serious power shortage crisis that is affecting all sectors of the economy and the various segments of the society.

Nonetheless, menace of energy crisis can be overwhelmed by government through making effective policies and its proactive implementation. Simultaneously, it is the responsibility of us, the people of Pakistan, to utilize the available energy astutely and wisely to .

Power crisis in pakistan and its possible solutions essay
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