Photoshop cannot save write access not granted in photoshop

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Photoshop :: Message Could Not Be Save Because Write Access Was Not Granted?

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Photoshop :: Could Not Save Because Write Access Was Not Granted (Mac OS)?

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FastPictureViewer Professional 9 - Help & Tutorials

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FastPictureViewer Professional is a photographer-oriented image viewer: it offers features specific to photo viewing and photographer's workflows (as opposed to general-purpose image viewing).

Spandidos Publications is a scientific publisher with a long-standing international reputation for excellent standards and high quality science publications. Aug 10,  · When using SMB (v2 or v3) I can access my PSD files in the /photo folder, but cannot save them "Could not save file name because write access was not granted".

Using AFP solves the issue for me, I can access and save the PSD files. The user does have access to the drive and directory; No other users on a network are accessing the file; The file is not read-only; No other save operations are happening; The connection to the drive is fine; I've seen this happen on Lion and Mavericks.

I've only ever seen it on a Mac, and only ever with Photoshop, files.

Photoshop cannot save write access not granted in photoshop
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