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There can be no two opinions about this. Barring this, the caste system, which had its roots in religion, is another curse in society. To stop this menace, the law must make registration of all marriages mandatory.

The study of world phenomenon on corruption has repeatedly branded India in the list of tone of the most corrupt countries in the world. A general in elasticity of occupational structure prevents any large movement away from these in periods of slack demand.

Dowry System Essay – Evils of Dowry System Essay

In other words, here the fight can be only against the big bribes, and with the "normal" such the easiest way is to integrate them in the system fixing urgent services, which are performed for higher charge, and this is done in mass.

So is it also with the corruption, which oils the system, for to make it to work good, this is a complement to it, what is simply necessary to the masses, otherwise it wouldn't Essay short stories on social evils existed. I will give top priority to social reforms.

Our freedom fighters and national leaders had set high ethical and moral standards in public life and they followed those principles scrupulously. Our government and NGOs should do greater efforts to make people aware of grave dangers that are bound to spoil our future generation.

Is there any salvation for our country from this virtual poisoning of the entire system? The condition of the untouchables shall be improved. It is clear that here is applied the law of inadequate reaction of the society against the criminalitywhere most often the compulsion is strong, but sometimes also weak in cases of murder, as we mentioned it.

You all know that many of the vegetables and fruits are consumed when they ripen well, and such is the case also with the capitalism. The problems exist since the human society exists and will coexist together with it because we can't separate the evil from the goodbut it is important to move in the right direction, because now, as they say, "the knife touched the bone" and it touched it because we became too many people on the earth ball, and very powerfuland if we could not succeed to solve them in a half to one century then there are written bad things for us in the heaven.

This will remove many evils from society. In the rural areas, increasing population implies an increasing pressure on land. Texas common application essay Texas common application essaymarathi essay on vachal tar vachal brain scan love research paper vegetarianism pros and cons essay writing heliotropin synthesis essaytexas common application essayjohn brown a push s essay thought experiment brain in a vat essay essay baklava caloriesCollege essay for nyu.

Then evil effects of such habits are too well known to need any discussion.

Social Evils And Its Solution

And was the totalitarian nomenclature not enough for us, that we want now to return to the castes? There is a general feeling that all is not well with our socio-political system which is functioning under a great strain. Education, the basic tool of an individual, is out of the reach of a common man in our country.

Well, the point is not about this, but the idea remains, there is no organization, we imitate it by use of force or compulsion of starvation by the capitalism, for example, instead of the whip of the slave masterbut this does not make people work for one another, but one against the other hoping that in the chaos the things will become organized by themselves.

This will be my first reform. The things can be detailed and the author does this somewhere elsebut the tendency of development of the capitalism is such that this is unavoidable if you like you may call it communism or socialism, but if you don't — then shouldn'tand as far as the money notes as means of exchange are more and more eliminated on the West this can happen also without our discussion here.

And the reasonable reaction to an increasing action as we have spoken in the beginning is not in the going to the other pole, but in the indifference, what here means accepting of the existence of a given phenomenon by other people for example of the homosexuality without approving it for us, and not standing at odds against such things.

It is responsible for the stratification in the society the upper castes are harassing the lower castes. I will introduce legislation to check hoarding with the greatest zeal and effort. There can be no two opinions about this. Yet, it is a religious tradition in many places in India and therefore, difficult to change.

Effective laws will be framed. Then alone will success be achieved.

Social Evils – Essay

And the military blocks do not solve the economical problems, they only satisfy the psychological, but kindling here and there new wars, because: Therefore, it was necessary to reform religious practices as well.

Even by first possibility we may think in worldwide scale about some island say, Iceland, and in a future also a planet — Mars, for example, when the god of war is called sowhere all who want this to be able to form teams, or by countries, or how they want, and to kill one another as much as they want when the computer games are not enough for some of them.

It is a social evil for it doesn't allow the development of an egalitarian society that is the basis of a democracy. Even the Bible preaches: Well, then the unjustness begins already with the birth of everyone, by the simple reason that there existsShort Essay on Child Marriage.

Article shared by. It is a social evil that has degraded the status of girl child in our society. Child marriage is against the law but the marriage itself is valid once performed, even if the child was as young as 5 years at the time. Short Paragraph on Comptroller and Auditor General of India.

Social Evils in Pakistan Essay Types and Causes.

Essay on Social Evils, Injustice and Issues Quotations

One of the most critical social evil in Pakistan is corruption as unfortunately Pakistan is in the list of the top countries having mighty huge corruption in the system and the establishment.

image – JD Hancock 1. Richard_Fitzsnuggly. I grew up with a guy that lived just down the road. He was the local small town bad seed and everyone knew it. Social Evils, poverty and health Poverty is one of the most important social evils and a major determinant of ill health (1).

From time it is known that poor social status is a major determinant of disease and reduces longevity in a big way.

Sample essay on Social Evils Still Persist in our society. Social evils are prevalent in almost all the backward countries. Surprising enough that India, a country proud of her ancient culture is no exception to it.

Sample essay on Social Evils Still Persist in our society

Conservatism and fundamentalism apart there are certain. Social evil grow in the society like diseased tree that no one have courage to cut done.

The carries of social evils are human beings.

Multi-Topic Essay on Social Evils:

There are many social in our society but we discuss the most common social evils like bribery and corruption, hoarding and black marketing, smuggling, adulteration, injustice.

Essay short stories on social evils
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